Jun 7, 2012

#YoSoy132: Mexican Elections, Media, and Immigration

Huffington Post: The "Yo soy 132" or "I am 132" chants are rocking the Mexican political system during this 2012 Presidential campaign. As reported by Occupy Wall Street's website, thousands of student protesters are pouring into the streets of Mexico City to push back against their country's political corruption. The powerful Mexican elites are set on crowning their favored candidate as the next President: Enrique Peña Nieto of the PRI party. The Yo Soy 132 movement has risen to challenge Peña Nieto and what he represents. To be clear, similar to the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Yo Soy 132 movement is not a movement that endorses any particular one candidate that is currently running for President. It is primarily a movement that is challenging the system currently dominated by corporate greed that undermines democracy in Mexico. Specifically, it is pushing back against that country's oligarchs' manipulation of media to favor Peña Nieto, thereby setting the ground to, potentially once again, ram down people's throats a political candidate chosen by corporate interests.

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