Jul 2, 2012

AMLO: The last word still isn’t in

El Universal: Americas Program Original Translation of Excerpt

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, presidential candidate of the left, said that “the last word still isn’t in” in this election and that he will wait until the IFE’s final count to settle on a position.

“Taking into account the preliminary result of the IFE, the position I’m taking is to wait until we have completed the proceedings and have all of the results.

“There is an established legal proceeding that consists of carrying out a district-by-district review this Wednesday. They must review all of the proceedings and know the results, and we are going to wait for this result before we take a definite position,” said López Obrador.

In a short message that he gave after the president of the Federal Elections Institute (IFE), Leonardo Valdés, and President Felipe Calderón spoke on national television, the candidate from Tabasco assured that although “the electoral process was not fair,” his movement would not act irresponsibly.

He called on his followers in the PRD, PT, and MC parties, as well as the members of Morena [a political and social movement and civil association founded by him], to gather all of the information they could in order to help him settle on his position.

“Transparency is essential; it’s essential that we take into account all of the information. There is information that we have that indicates something different than what is being announced officially,” he reiterated. See Spanish Original.

Translated by Ryan Gentzler, Americas Program

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