Jul 6, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Tasks for Mexico's Leader

Amnesty International responded to Peña Nieto's plans for the drug war in a letter to the New York Times, arguing that he should hold Mexican security forces responsible for allegations of torture and other human rights abuses.

NY Times
To the Editor:
In “Mexico’s Next Chapter” (Op-Ed, July 3), Enrique Peña Nieto, the president-elect of Mexico, promised to escalate efforts to combat organized crime and drug trafficking. We applaud his conviction to bring stability to Mexico’s most violence-torn areas, and his plans to crack down on corruption in the ranks of the police are laudable.

But if Mr. Peña Nieto hopes to bring lasting peace and prosperity to Mexico, he must do more than root out dishonest officers and shut down the cartels. He must also hold the country’s security forces responsible for past cases of torture, enforced “disappearances,” false criminal charges and extrajudicial killings. Read more.

Posted by Ryan Gentzler.  

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