Jul 6, 2012

Mexico's Calderon accused of blocking victims's rights law

President Felipe Calderon rejected a bill known as Victims' Law, which would require the government to guarantee assistance to victims of violence. Both houses of Congress had approved of the initiative. This legislation is, at best, delayed until Congress convenes in September. 

Fox News Latino: Poet turned peace activist Javier Sicilia accused Mexican President Felipe Calderon Thursday of breaking his word by effectively vetoing a measure to aid the thousands of innocent victims of the drug war.

"A man who doesn't keep his word is worthless," the leader of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, or MPJD, said at a press conference.

Sicilia made his remarks after Calderon decided to return the so-called Victims' Law to Congress with objections. That bill requires the state to protect, assist and repair the harm caused to victims of crime and human rights abuses. Read more

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