Jul 5, 2012

Mexico's presidential election tainted by claims of vote buying

As the recount is going underway, this article makes the distinction that the frustration with the election results and the call for the recount "has less to do with the overall vote tally than the way the presidency was won."

Washington Post: MEXICO CITY — In their eagerness to assure the world that Sunday’s election was free and fair, Mexican President Felipe Calderon and the country’s top electoral officials seem to have glossed over a few dirty details.

The election, it appears, might not have been so squeaky clean after all.

That is the suspicion emerging here, in the days after preliminary vote tallies by Mexico’s Federal Election Institute (IFE)gave Enrique Peña Nieto a six percentage point win over second-place finisher Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who represents the country’s left.

The initial count shows Peña Nieto’s margin of victory was more than 3 million votes, an advantage that should be wide enough to overcome any legal challenge to his win, including Lopez Obrador’s demand for a full recount of the ballots. Read more.

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