Jul 2, 2012

Reports of voting irregularities

The early returns from today's election have included reports of voting irregularities and controversy, but the special federal investigative unit for electoral crime FEPADE will withhold information until all votes are counted. Parties have accused one another of fraudulent practices, and incidents have been reported throughout the country. Voting irregularities, however, have not been considered widespread.

The El Paso Times reports that Movimiento Ciudadano (Citizen Movement), a left leaning political party coalition, says it has "received reports of electoral volunteers destroying ballots and [of] urns that had been previously filled with votes." In Monterrey, armed men stormed a polling place in Monterrey and stole the urns of votes there, according to La Jornada (original in Spanish). Terra reports (original in Spanish) that members of the left leaning PRD have accused members of the center-right PRI of giving out favors and a PRI sympathizer reported that the PVEM (Green Party) bought votes in Cuernavaca. According to El Universal (original in Spanish), FEPADE, the governmental elections oversight agency, has opened 62 investigations, focused mainly in Mexico DF, Chiapas, Hidalgo, and Veracruz, corresponding to 605 specific complaints of vote buying and illegal campaigning.

Mexican election: Irregularities at Juarez voting boothsreported (updated)
El Paso Times: JUAREZ - As Election Day moves forward, political party representatives are reporting irregularities at the voting booths that range from missing and destroyed ballots, previously filled urns and offering money for votes. Read more.

Urns robbed at voting station in Monterrey
La Jornada - Spanish original only.

FEPADE reports first electoral irregularities
Terra - Spanish original only.

FEPADE opens 62 investigations from the day
El Universal - Spanish original only. 

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