Aug 3, 2012

“My grief is Mexico’s grief”

A timely interview with Javier Sicilia from the Movement for Peace and Justice with Dignity with the upcoming US Peace Caravan which will begin on August 12th in San Diego and continue across the United States reaching Washington D.C. in September. The dialogue will be about stopping gun trafficking, alternatives to drug prohibition, tools to combat money laundering and bilateral cooperation in human rights and human security. 

Radio Netherlands Worldwide: Wim Jansen.
“My grief is Mexico’s grief” says Javier Sicilia. In a country where critical journalists risk their lives, this poet gives voice to a widespread discontent. He has motivated hundreds of thousands of his country men and women to protest against the violence, the drugs mafia and the government.

Javier Sicilia has not written another poem since the murder of his son and six friends in March last year. He holds the government responsible for the violence in the country and thus the death of his son. ”An absurd crime, born of corruption and impunity” is how he describes the bloodbath which has cost almost 60,000 Mexicans their lives over the past six years. Read more.

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