Aug 1, 2012

The Patrons of Veracruz

In These Times: The women of La Patrona provide sustenance for migrants making a wearying train-top journey across Mexico.
Joseph Sorrentino. One day in February 1995, two sisters—Bernarda and Rosa Romero Vázquez—were standing at a train crossing on their way home from buying bread and milk for breakfast in La Patrona, Mexico, waiting for the train to pass.

That train, like many passing through this small village in Veracruz, had people riding on top of and between the train cars—people who, the sisters later learned, were migrants from Central America making their way north to find work. Rosa recalls that as the train sped past one of the men on the first car called out, “Madre, we’re hungry.” The same thing happened when the second car passed. When a shout went up from people on the third car, the sisters tossed them the food they had just bought. Read more

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