Sep 9, 2012

Arizona Immigration Law Survives Ruling

New York Times: By Fernanda Santos. TUCSON — A decision by a federal judge on Wednesday paved the way for the most controversial section of Arizona’s sweeping immigration legislation, requiring the authorities to verify the status of people who they suspect are in the country illegally, to finally take effect.

In denying a request by a coalition of civil rights groups to bar the provision, commonly referred to as “show me your papers,” Judge Susan Bolton of United States District Court in Phoenix adopted the same wait-and-see approach suggested by the Supreme Court in June, saying that the measure could be challenged “as interpreted and applied after it goes into effect.” Read more.

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  1. I'm sick of Mexican entitlement. They act like they have the right to live in the US; they come here illegally and break our laws and cry "human rights violation" when they are punished. Then they have the right to call themselves Mexican-Americans and wave their flag around - they are traitors and they are entitled. Since when is Mexican an ethnic group?! Thanks, @Sophia