Sep 20, 2012

#Iam132 presents proposals for media democratization

CNN Mexico Blog: Americas Program Original Translation

On Tuesday, members of the student movement #Iam132 presented a series of proposals for media democratization in Mexico, one of the themes that gave rise to this protest group.

In a document that includes six issue areas, the activists mentioned that a media model should be established which consists of a commercial sector, another public and a community social one, in which citizens can be included from diverse sectors.

In another section, the document mentions that “the communication should be recognized as a public service and not as a matter of social interest,” and that the State should guarantee freedom of expression.

“It is necessary to promote public policies that aim to a media literacy such as the elimination of the digital divide,” added the representatives of around 20 assemblies, that make up the work group for the democratization of the media.

On its political position, the youth of this group indicated in a press conference that “the media monopoly” has taken the leading role in the state-level decision-making, “through the manipulation of public opinion, particularly the television.”

See Spanish original.
Translation by Bonnie Ho, Americas Program

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