Sep 13, 2012

What is President Calderon's future?

Mexico Unmasked: September 9th 2012

The subject of Felipe Calderon’s post-presidency has lingered for much of the year. What will he do once he leaves office Dec. 1? How does he plan to keep his wife and three children safe from gangsters?

Calderon is on a trip to the Far East. He was in Vladivostok for an APEC forum yesterday and is in Singapore on a state visit now.

Los Pinos has sent around a transcript of a press conference Calderon gave while in Russia, and one of the questions was about his plans upon leaving office.

He responded, in part: “I have not yet decided on my future. I'm analyzing the various options presented to me. My priority is, in any case, my family, my children's education and, of course, finding the best options for developing an academic career, which is what I’ll most likely do after the presidency.”

Among Calderon’s apparent concerns for the future is whether victims of violence may come after him in court as they have done against Ernesto Zedillo, who served 1994-2000 and current teaches at Yale. On this front, Calderon (and Zedillo) got good news last week. The U.S. government believes Zedillo should enjoy immunity from prosecution. Read more. 

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