Nov 11, 2012

Corruption: Edomex, the Example Everyone Follows

Rodrigo Vera, Proceso Magazine  November 9, 2012

Enrique Pena Nieto was shaped in a school of corruption that promotes nepotism and favors oligarchic interests, asserts the president of the College of Architects and Urban Planners of the State of Mexico, Arturo Chavarria Sanchez. According to the specialist, who claims he was imprisoned for denouncing the alleged bad actions of Mexico's next president, the so-called Golden Boy devoted himself to benefiting large enterprises such as Grupo Carso and OHL, among others, and award them juicy public works contracts.

TOLUCA, MEX. (Proceso).--President elect Enrique Pena Nieto "is today the best representative of the corruption and nepotism that, for decades, the oligarchy that controls the State of Mexico has promoted," states Arturo Chavarria Sanchez, president of the College of Architects and Urban Planners of the State of Mexico.

He adds: "Pena Nieto was educated in the school of corruption. That's where he came from. He was trained so that the PRI oligarchy to which he belongs can do business from government posts. Governing for profit! That was his true platform when he was governor of the State of Mexico. Imagine him now as the president of the Republic."

-- Do you think he will have the same attitude?

-- Most probably, because the boy doesn't kinow how to do anything else. It's almost certain that he will repeat at the federal level the same oligarchic scheme, corrupt and repressive. Through him, the small group around him will assume power. Pena Nieto is a real risk for Mexico. Our future is very dark.
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