Jan 24, 2013

Mexico's Drug War Taints Calderon's Harvard Appointment

By Andrew O'Reilly
Published January 18, 2013
Fox News Latino

For centuries, Harvard Yard has been a safe haven for aspiring minds, intellectuals and world leaders who come to teach, study and learn in peace.

But former Mexican President Felipe Calderón may not find much serenity during his time on campus.
The controversial former Mexican leader has yet to begin his one-year teaching appointment at the Kennedy School of Government and already he faces opposition from groups on both sides of the border.

The online petition site Change.Org has collected nearly 33,000 signatures in opposition to Harvard’s appointment of Calderón. And Mexican political activist and poet Javier Sicilia sent a letter to the university, calling the former president’s appointment an affront to the victims of the bloodshed in Mexico.  Read more. 

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