Apr 21, 2013

Another domino in Mexico's collapsing drug prosecutions

Retired Gen. Tomas Angeles, freed from prison with charges dropped, says his arrest was political. His was the second high-profile Calderon-era case in as many days to be dismissed.

Los Angeles Times

By Tracy Wilkinson
April 20, 2013

Gen. Tomas Angeles Dauahare, who once held the plum post of military attache to the Mexican Embassy in Washington, was rumored to be the next defense minister of Mexico.

Until that day in May last year when he and three other top military men were arrested on suspicion of working on behalf of a notorious drug cartel.

It was the largest indictment of army officers on charges of drug-trafficking in recent memory, hailed in many quarters as proof of then-President Felipe Calderon's determination to root out corruption at every level.

But one night last week, Angeles stepped from the Altiplano maximum-security prison, all charges dropped.  Read more. 

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