Apr 30, 2013

Mexico: Traffickers abandoning immigrants at sea


By Catherine E. Shoichet
April 29, 2013

Mexican authorities said Monday that they've spotted a troubling immigration trend: large numbers of migrants abandoned at sea by traffickers.

Every month, Mexico's navy says it rescues about 150 stranded migrants, left adrift in overloaded boats off the country's Pacific coast.

As part of the scam, officials said in a statement, traffickers tell the migrants that there has been an equipment failure and promise to return but never do.

The immigration and maritime authorities said the frequency of that approach -- about 10 or 12 times per month -- inspired them to issue a warning on Monday: "Do not allow yourself to be fooled and put your life at risk by leaving it in the hands of people without scruples whose only goal is obtaining money without caring about the lives of other human beings."  Read more. 

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