Jul 2, 2013

Sealed U.S. Border Will Be 'Unprecedented Challenge' for Mexico

Mexico - El Universal - Original Article (Spanish)
By Enrique Berruga Filloy
World Meets, Translated By Halszka Czarnocka
June 27, 2013

Every day, the proposed U.S. immigration reform law gets tougher: the waiting period for obtaining citizenship has risen from 13 to 15 years, migrants will have to admit that they illegally entered U.S. territory, and now the measures for controlling the border zone will be doubled, both in terms of budget and the number officers. The amendment proposed by Republican Senators Bob Corker of Tennessee and John Hoeven of North Dakota demands an increase in border patrol officers to 40,000; requires the construction of a 700 mile fence; the installation of infrared sensors; and the use of unmanned aerial drones. The figures are devastating: there will be seven border patrol officers for every mile of the frontier.  Read more. 

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