Jul 11, 2014

'Nobody's Children' at the Mexico-U.S. Border (La Prensa, Honduras)

WorldMeets (La Prensa): The tears of those now in government, who listen to the stories of children who have made it to the United States in search of a better life, are tears of hypocrisy. Such stories have been known for over two decades, starting when an easy solution could have been found to a problem that now seems to constrain some people's souls. The distressing phenomenon of migrant children was reported by Casa Alianza over 20 years ago, but there has never been the political will on the part of any government.

What compels migrant children to undertake the perilous journey is the certainty that they would die of hunger or violence if they remained in homes stricken by a poverty that killed their parents and forced them emigrate. It is despair over a promised future that was never fulfilled. Making the trip puts their lives at risk, but there is hope of getting through, whereas to stay means being resigned to die. Read more. 

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