Nov 26, 2014

Organized crime has overrun Guerrero

Milenio (Translation by Mexico News Daily): Iguala has brought out many truths about Mexico, some of them ugly, many of them previously known. But it is only now that the extent of the infiltration of organized crime is being revealed: federal intelligence efforts carried out since Iguala indicate that cartels have a presence in 62 of the state’s 81 municipalities.
The Milenio news service reported this morning that the state has balkanized into a mosaic of criminal organizations: it’s a toxic mix of five of the country’s major cartels plus local bands and guerilla movements.

The state’s official spokesman said 11 municipalities had been infiltrated, while former Gov. Angel Aguirre said criminals had penetrated most of the state’s municipal police. Then last week it was revealed that 12 municipal mayors were suspected of organized crime links.The killings and kidnappings in Iguala on September 26 have provided evidence of how closely linked the state can become with criminal groups, of the depth of collusion that can exist between the two. Not long after the horrors of that long night in Iguala, there were hints that the cancer was widespread. Read more. 

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