Dec 8, 2014

Crude gas war pushes prices down, but not in Mexico

El Universal: The battle in the oil markets Producers Between two blocks is pushing prices down for the Consumers, According to George Baker, from Mexico Intelligence consulting company. For example, a regular gasoline in the US is selling for 2.71 dollars the gallon, ITS LOWEST level since 2010, as a result of the fall, According to data from the consulting company based in Houston, Texas.

But while Canada and the UK Also saw a fall in the prices, in Mexico the situation is different. Even if the Local crude ended Friday with a fall of 0.75 dollars, ending in 59.98 dollars per barrel, the policy of "gasolinazo", the monthly Increase to the price of gasoline, Applied since 2008, means That the price of regular gas ended in 13.31 pesos per liter, approximately 3.50 dollars per gallon. Read more. 

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