Mar 23, 2015

Berlin Must Reveal U.S. 'Blackmail' Over Snowden Asylum

La Jornada (Translated by WorldMeets.Us): According to a report on the electronic portal The Intercept, the U.S. government pressured Germany to help deny information on terrorist plans to its intelligence services if Berlin offered asylum to U.S. computer analyst Edward Snowden, who currently lives as an exile in Russia. Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who has assisted the former Central Intelligence Agency analyst screen and disseminate [classified] documents, said that information was revealed by German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel. Washington, meanwhile, has denied the accusation and said that the relationship between the two secret services has saved lives.

More than two years after Edward Snowden's first leaks exposed the massive spying programs of the United States which involves among other global actors the German government, data continues to surface revealing the extent and negative implications of the refusal of U.S. diplomacy to accept responsibility in a multipolar international environment that demands transparency. Read more. 

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