Apr 16, 2015

Cubans and Yankees: The End of Anti-Imperialism and Anti-Communism

La Jornada (Translated by WorldMeets.Us): It's already commonplace to say that the meeting between Barack Obama and Raul Castro at the Summit of the Americas in Panama is a milestone. It is of course, and it will have implications for the entire continent as it changes the nature of relations between Latin America and the United States - giving a new tone. It is time to bury the last shovelful of Cold War dirt and the highfalutin rhetoric that came with it.

If relations between the two countries continue to progress, there are two ghosts that seem destined to their graves, even if of course we continue to hear their echoes: anti-imperialism and anti-communism. The far-right Tea Party in the United States and the champions of 21st century socialism will beat these ghosts as long as the racket brings them political gain. Read more. 

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