Apr 24, 2015

Mexican girl mistakenly sent to US woman is back home

Note: Imagine if this had happened not so long ago, when DNA tests were not an option. The power of a US strongarming and the malinchismo of a Mexican court would have meant that  a young girl was stripped of her family, a mother suddenly robbed of the child she raised for 14 years.

AP: Alondra Luna Nunez was a young girl when she had a mishap with a remote-control car, leaving a scar between her eyebrows. Last week, that scar resulted in the teenager being misidentified as a missing girl from Texas, and then spirited north to live with a woman who claimed to be her mother.

After a weeklong saga in which Alondra was videotaped as she was dragged screaming from a Mexican courtroom, the 14-year-old is back at home with the family that a DNA test proved is hers. Read more. 

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