Jul 28, 2015

Mexican Authorities Destroy 25 Tons of Narcotics

Note: Incinerating or otherwise destroying illegal drugs is common practice and arguably prevents corrupt cops and other law enforcement agents from selling confiscated substances on the market. But clothes?

There are people who need clothing, including children in many parts of the country. The soil gave a growing cycle to produce the plant, the farmer sowed and harvested it. The seamstress sewed it. Likely none of them were involved in the presumed contraband operation.

The Mexican law specifically refers to drugs and "items used to commit crimes". A t-shirt? What about children's homes. or orphanages, poor communities or rural schools? Wouldn't this be a better place for 41 tons of clothing to end up? This is an absurd interpretation of the law. It is grossly wasteful and designed only to benefit gougers who use brand names to charge exorbitant prices for simple products.

Latin American Herald Tribune: More than 25 tons of narcotics and 41 tons of clothing were incinerated at a facility in Tamaulipas, a state in northeastern Mexico, the Attorney General’s Office said Tuesday.

The drugs and clothing were seized in more than 60 investigations in cities in Tamaulipas, which is on the border with the United States, the AG’s office said in a statement. Read more. 

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