Oct 9, 2015

Mexico’s torture epidemic: “I saw big clots of blood coming out”

Amnesty International: When Tailyn Wang, a 34-year-old Peruvian woman living in Mexico City, was woken by a loud bang on her door in the early hours of the morning, she never imagined the horrific chain of events that would follow.

It was 4am on Friday 7 February 2014 when five federal police officers stormed into her house. The restaurant owner and mother of three was lying in bed with her husband, her children asleep in the next room.

“They ripped off my clothes. One of them forced himself on top of me in bed and started insulting me: ‘You whore, you fucking pig.’

“My husband screamed, ‘Don´t hit her, she is pregnant’ but they didn't care,” Tailyn told me. Read more.

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