Oct 12, 2015

The Ugly Truth: Mexican-Americans Despise Mexico

El Universal (Translated by World Meets): There is an urban legend going around: Hillary Clinton asked some of her [Mexican] supporters a couple of years ago: Why don't Mexican-Americans get along with Mexicans in Mexico?

The befuddlement of the current democratic presidential hopeful over the mystery is widely shared. The Israeli, Irish, Italian, Cuban, Chinese, Indian, Colombian and Salvadorian diasporas – all far less numerous in the United States than the Mexican – provide support to their countries of origin. They support the agendas of their government in Washington, finance their candidate's campaigns for elected office, and strengthen their communities abroad.

Our case is very different. Among some second, third or fourth generation Mexicans grievances persist: my father, grandfather - my ancestors - were obliged to emigrate for lack of opportunity, and on top of that they called us traitors to our country and the Virgin of Guadalupe. It isn't so much a rejection of Mexico as it is of the class-related and racist codes that even today prevent upward social mobility in Mexico. Read more.

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