Oct 7, 2015

U.S. Republicans Expose 'Dark Face' of a Nation

La Jornada (Translation by World Meets): Few would have imagined Trump's rebound in the opinion polls after his rude declarations against migrants, women and the gay community. Reality put the lie to those who doubted him. A few days after each of these statements he again appeared atop the opinion polls - the preference for a large segment of voters. Moreover, surgeon Ben Carson, who not long ago was last on the list, has rose high after declaring the unsuitability of Muslims to be president of the United States.

The conclusion to draw is rather clear: in the nation which pretends to shelter every human being regardless of race, creed or color, at least declaratively, there are many who don't share those ideals. So it isn't unusual for other candidates of the same party to pontificate about the necessity of building walls to keep the infidels out of the Promised Land. Read more.

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