Dec 2, 2015

Violence, drugs dash Mexico Triqui people's dream of new start far from home

Reuters: In Baja California, Gabino Bautista yearns for his homeland thousands of miles south of the northern Mexican state, but the bullet wounds in his body remind him he can never go back.

Bautista is one of about 15,000 members of the Triqui indigenous tribe forced by drug-related violence to flee mountainous San Juan Copala in Mexico's southern Oaxaca state for a fresh start, only to find life in northern Mexico is worse.

Fighting in Oaxaca left Bautista, 51, with punctured lungs from gunshots that cost his parents their lives and sent him north to Baja California, where fellow Triqui founded the settlement of 'New Copala' in 1989. Read more. 

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