Jun 5, 2017

Mexican Navy Seizes Ton of Cocaine off Acapulco

--According to a Google search, this would have a street 
value of around $39 million dollars. It'd be interesting to 
see if the story is confirmed. Each packet would have to 
weigh about 36 kilos. Wonder how they floated them? 
Wonder what the Guerrero office of the PGR will do with it?--

MEXICO CITY – The Mexican navy said Friday that its personnel recovered 1.2 tons of cocaine floating off the coast of the Pacific Ocean resort city of Acapulco.

Thirty-two bales of cocaine were spotted in the surf along Barra Vieja beach thanks to a combination of intelligence work and a tip from a member of the public, the navy said.

The drugs are to be turned over to the Guerrero state bureau of the Mexican Attorney General’s Office, according to a statement from the regional naval command in Acapulco.

In July 2016, the navy seized roughly 900 kilos (1,982 lbs.) of cocaine on the high seas off the coast of Chiapas state.

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