Jul 24, 2010

Legalization - A Canadian perspective on Whack-a-mole: We have been 'winning' the war on drugs for 90 years

Editor's note: I found this Canadian perspective to be refreshingly clear

We have been 'winning' the war on drugs for 90 years: "(While) it is true that Colombia is more stable and safer, for most, than it has been in decades. It is also true that Mexico is continuing its descent into the hell Colombia so recently exited.

Inevitably, some are drawing the conclusion that Mexico must do whatever it was that Colombia did. And since what Colombia did was engage in a massive escalation of military and police power, supported by billions of dollars from the United States and elsewhere, that's the medicine Mexico needs.

This is unspeakably foolish. And we can expect Canada will be asked to help fund this foolishness, as we did in Colombia. So let's get this straight now: What happened in Colombia is not a model for Mexico; what happened in Colombia is the cause of what's happening in Mexico. (emphasis added)" July 24, 2010, Ottawa Mail column

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