Aug 3, 2010

Immigration: Arizona, Borderlands and U.S.-Mexican Relations

This article places the Mexican immigration  issue in its broader historical and geo-political context. You may not agree with it, but it does provide a different  point of view.

Arizona, Borderlands and U.S.-Mexican Relations: "Arizona’s new law on illegal immigration went into effect last week, albeit severely limited by a federal court ruling. The U.S. Supreme Court undoubtedly will settle the matter, which may also trigger federal regulations. However that turns out, the entire issue cannot simply be seen as an internal American legal matter. More broadly, it forms part of the relations between the United States and Mexico, two sovereign nation-states whose internal dynamics and interests are leading them into an era of increasing tension. Arizona and the entire immigration issue have to be viewed in this broader context." August 3, 2010, Stratfor Intelligence Report, by Dr. George Friedman, Chief Executive Officer of STRATFOR, a company he founded in 1996 in the field of global intelligence.

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