Aug 20, 2010

Whack-a-mole: In drug war, the beginning of the end?

More and more articles and columns questioning the continued waging of the drug war are appearing in recent weeks, since the announcement of 28,000 deaths in the Mexcio and President Calederon's opening the debate on legalization, along with the growing crisis in Monterrey. Here are two more. One is from Reuters, which has been reporting a lot and referring to the "faltering war." The other is from, of all places, the New American, the online paper of the John Birch Society! It appears that groups from the right, the left and the middle are moving towards a shared view that the forty-year old drug war is a failure. ¡Ojala! 

In drug war, the beginning of the end? : "America's longest war, which was meant to throttle drug production at home and abroad, cut supplies across the borders, and keep people from using drugs. The marathon effort has boosted the prison industry but failed so obviously to meet its objectives that there is a growing chorus of calls for the legalization of illicit drugs." August 20, 2010, Reuters opinion column by Bernd Debusmann

Who's Winning Mexico's Drug War? In the war against drugs, it looks as if the drugs are winning, or at least the drug syndicates are. An August 12 McClatchy news service article commented on the horrific toll of drug violence in Mexico as its government ponders the question, “What to do?” August 20, 2010, New American

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