Aug 13, 2010

Mexican Politics: NGOs, Hard Up and Under Threat

The development of civil society organizations in Mexico has been, and continues to be, a critical issue in the country's transformation towards a real democracy. This article reports on a study that evaluated elements of civil society and the strength of NGO's. 

Mexican NGOs, Hard Up and Under Threat: "

Three hundred and fifty Mexican NGOs participated in a study on the state of Mexican civil society, presented Thursday, which reported an overall score of 40 on a scale ranging from zero, representing no civil society at all, to 100, representing a highly developed civil society. The score indicates that the present state of Mexican civil society is far from ideal.

The scoring system, an amalgam of several indicators, has been used in more than 55 countries since 2000, and is part of a project by CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation -- an international network of trade unions, NGOs, professional associations, and philanthropic and donor foundations.

"The CIVICUS Civil Society Index for Mexico, developed by CEMEFI and the non-governmental Citizen Initiative for the Promotion of a Culture of Dialogue (ICPCD), assessed civic commitment, organisational level, democratic values and social and political impact of the non-governmental sector by means of surveys of NGOs, civil society actors and stakeholders and the general population. " August 13, 2010, InterPress Service

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