Aug 26, 2010

Immigration Crackdown: Migrants turn to the sea to enter US illegally

So when will we learn that the border cannot be "sealed?" Mexicans just laugh when they hear about such fruitless efforts of the U.S. to stop a human tide driven by desperation to survive.

Migrants turn to the sea to enter US illegally: "There is a new frontier for illegal immigrants entering the United States — a roughly 400-square-mile ocean expanse that stretches from a bullring on the shores of Tijuana, Mexico, to suburban Los Angeles. In growing numbers, migrants are gambling their lives at sea as land crossings become even more arduous and likely to end in arrest. Sea interdictions and arrests have spiked year-over-year for three years, as enforcement efforts ramp up to meet the challenge.

"While only a small fraction of border arrests are at sea, authorities say heightened enforcement on land, and a bigger fence, is making the offshore route more attractive.... "Your options are to go east through the mountains and the desert, or west through the ocean, or you tunnel underground," said Michael Carney, deputy special agent in charge of investigations for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in San Diego. "I think they found that going west through the ocean is probably their best bet.""August 26, 2010, AP.

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  1. This is so insane and sad. I say to people who are critical, and some of whom call themselves "Christians," What would you do if you were desperate and poor and could not feed your children?" I know I would try to cross. Nobody can watch their children suffer. It may be considered trite or "old news" but WWJD? He would do the same. There is no easy solution. Greed is what runs the world.