Dec 1, 2010

Whack-a-mole In Colorado: Authorities Battle Mexican Drug Cartels' Business Plans

Gee! The moles are getting smarter and smarter.

In Colorado, Authorities Battle Mexican Drug Cartels' Business Plans | PBS NewsHour | Dec. 1, 2010 | PBS: "TERRY MAKETA, sheriff, El Paso County, Colorado: It's a lot more sophisticated when -- when it's (the cartels) run as a business. I mean, they have a head of an organization. They have business plans. They have networks set up.

In some of the cases we have been involved in, they are very, very structured organizations, with built-in safeties and protections. And when you're talking about that kind of organizational skill, that many people involved, it makes it very difficult. They have redundant systems. They're not counting on just one truckload. If one gets pulled off, they consider that a loss of business, and they have three more coming through." Dec. 1, 2010

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