May 19, 2011

Immigration Politcs: Texas Sanctuary cities bill halted by Senate panel

Sanctuary cities bill halted by Texas Senate panel - Politics Wires - "Republican-led efforts to ban so-called sanctuary cities, which critics say provide safe haven to illegal immigrants across Texas, suffered what many considered a fatal blow Wednesday. ....

The measure would prevent local government entities from adopting policies to keep law officers from enforcing immigration laws. It passed the House this month amid a heated and emotional debate, with the majority of House Democrats arguing that the measure would lead to racial profiling and ruin the relationship between the state's Hispanics and law enforcement.

The bill was up before the Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday afternoon, and supporters hoped it would be cleared for a vote on the Senate floor. Instead, the committee voted 8-0 to replace the entire bill with another one, Senate Bill 9, which addresses a wide range of homeland security issues and has passed the Senate but appears immobilized in the House."

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