May 10, 2011

Immigration Politics: Text of Obama’s Speech on Immigration

Here is a link to Obama's full speech, via the Wall Street Journal. 

Obama says, "We have done everything the Republicans asked for and more" when they said that border security must come before immigration reform. After citing government stats that purportedly prove that he is doing this, he challenges them, asking, "Are those who walked away from the table in the name of enforcement ready to come back to the table?"

He then proposed legislative actions: 

  • those migrants who are here without authorization should have to pay a fine and back taxes and learn English in order to get into the end of the line for residency 
  • existing immigration laws must be changed to open immigration to those who can create businesses and, thus, jobs
  • rules that keep families of immigrants separated during visa processes must be changed
  • the DREAM act to allow undocumented youth to stay if they complete college or join the military must be passed.
He then called upon the people to organize and let "Washington know there is a movement" pushing for reform."

Text of Obama’s Speech on Immigration - Washington Wire - WSJ

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