May 20, 2011

U.S. - Mexico Relations: Evansville, Indiana, establishes sister-city relationship with Tizimin, Mexico

Hurray for Evansville, Indiana. Mayor Weinzaphel, you got it right!

Evansville establishes sister-city relationship with Tizimin, Mexico | PDFs » Evansville Courier & Press: "On Thursday, Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel sat down in his office with Jose Dolores Mezo Peniche, the executive head of the Tizimin Municipality, Yucatan, and with a few signatures, the two established the city of Tizimin as Evansville's newest sister city. ...

Weinzapfel concluded his portion of the ceremony stating the reasons for international relationships like the one with Tizimin.

'The first reason,' he said, 'is we live in a global economy; we are interdependent upon each other. The second is that the challenges and problems that exist in this world are typically due to a lack of familiarity with other cultures and an inability to understand or communicate with other people. This sister city relationship is a way for our communities to do our part to further familiarity with other cultures.'"

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