May 19, 2011

Whack-a-mole drug war: Corruption - Why Texas is Not Mexico

An analysis of the geopolitical and governmental differences between the U.S. - including its border states - and Mexico

Corruption: Why Texas is Not Mexico | STRATFOR: "even a competent, well-paid and well-equipped police institution cannot stand alone within a culture that is not prepared to support it and keep it clean. In other words, over time, an institution will take on the characteristics of, and essentially reflect, the environment surrounding it.

Therefore, significant reform in Mexico requires a holistic approach that reaches far beyond the institutions to address the profound economic, sociological and cultural problems that are affecting the country today. Indeed, given how deeply rooted and pervasive these problems are and the geopolitical hand the country was dealt, Mexico has done quite well. But holistic change will not be easy to accomplish. It will require a great deal of time, treasure, leadership and effort."

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