Jun 5, 2011

Globalization but not Immigraion: Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer touts bountiful border

Yes, this is the Governor Brewer of Arizona. Gov. Brewer wants Mexican business but not the people. This is an explicit demonstration of the paradox in U.S. policy as enshrined in NAFTA - free trade of goods and money, but not of labor. This contradiction is well expressed in the oxymoron of the article's title: Bountiful - but secure - border.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer touts bountiful border: "Arizona needs to continue its push to be economically competitive by promoting new roads and infrastructure, improved ports of entry and a secure border, Gov. Jan Brewer said Saturday, in delivering the keynote address at the Arizona-Mexico Commission's 2011 Summer Plenary Session at the Wigwam resort in Litchfield Park.

"Everything we have done has been around competitiveness," said Margie Emmerman, executive director of the Arizona-Mexico Commission. "It's about what we need to do in order to have commerce and trade flow through our region. In this global world, it isn't one person we are competing against. It's a very tight market. It's everyone.""

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