Jun 30, 2011

Immigration Politics: Hundreds of students press Obama on DREAM Act

Hundreds of students press Obama on DREAM Act - Fox News Latino: "About 200 undocumented students from all over the country on Tuesday here demanded that President Barack Obama halt deportations and push for the approval of the DREAM Act to legalize their immigration status.

Prior to those pressure tactics, Obama had reiterated his support for immigration reform and the DREAM Act at a White House press conference focused mainly on the budget and other issues.

The president called for the legalization of students who have grown up in the United States 'and think of themselves as Americans and who are illegal through no fault of their own and who are ready to give back to our country and go to school and fight in our military.'

But the students, first in a crowded hall of the Senate building and later in front of the White House, complained that Obama had supported immigration reform with words and not deeds."

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