Jun 11, 2011

Whack-a-mole Drug War: Endless 'war on (some) drugs' fills our prisons, wrecks lives and wounds society

"Happy Anniversary." Today marks the fortieth annversary of Nixon's declaration of a war on drugs.

Here is a succinct summary of the facts - especially the world-leading U.S. level of imprisonments - of the failed war against drugs.

Daily Kos: Endless 'war on (some) drugs' fills our prisons, wrecks lives and wounds society: "Ignoring the findings and recommendations of the Global Commission on Drug Policy will be the tried-and-true route taken by most politicians. It doesn't make a difference to them that the war on some drugs has failed in what was declared to be its primary mission of curtailing drug use, wasted vast sums of money in the process and overflowed our prisons with people who should not ever have been there. Those facts won't budge more than a few incumbents and candidates to step up and say: 'My fellow Coloradans (or Kentuckyians or Pennsylvanians), this just isn't working and we have to change it.' Instead, after nearly a century of this lethal ineffectiveness, most of our leaders seem determined to stay the course on the war on drugs no matter what."

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