Jun 16, 2011

Whack-a-mole Drug War: Guatemalan, Mexican authorities target Zetas cartel

Buried near the bottom of this article are the following two statements: "Guatemala is scheduled to host a conference on Central American security next week." and ""All of the region is making important security efforts, but there are other countries that are not doing their part," Guatemala President Alvaro Colom said at forum of regional leaders in Guatemala City Tuesday. "We cannot keep paying with deaths."

Wonder which countries "are not doing their part" and what will be the focus of this upcoming security conference? It couldn't be about the U.S., could it? And, of course, they aren't going to be asking the U.S. for more money or arms, -- or are they?

Guatemalan, Mexican authorities target Zetas cartel - CNN.com: "The top prosecutors in Mexico and Guatemala set their sights on the Zetas drug cartel Wednesday, pledging to pool information and resources as their countries battle the notoriously violent criminal group.

Attorneys general from the neighboring nations agreed 'to create concrete mechanisms for quickly exchanging timely information for the fight against the Zetas organization and others,' Mexico's Attorney General's Office said in a statement.

The top prosecutors met a day after Guatemalan authorities announced a monthlong extension of the 'state of siege' in the northern border province of Peten -- a move aimed at continuing a crackdown on organized crime in the area."

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