Jul 6, 2011

Globalization: U.S., Mexico sign cross-border trucking program

ALERT: U.S., Mexico sign cross-border trucking program: "The U.S. and Mexico formalized a cross-border trucking program that will end more than $2 billion of tariffs on exported U.S. goods and open up U.S. roadways to approved Mexican trucks.

According to the Dept. of Transportation, the agreement calls for Mexican trucks to comply with all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and they must utilize electronic monitoring systems to track hours-of-service compliance. DOT will also review driving records and require drug testing of all drivers, to be analyzed by the Dept. of Health and Human Services at approved U.S. labs.

Mexican drivers will also have to prove “their ability to understand the English language and U.S. traffic signs.”

U.S. carriers will receive reciprocal authority to operate in Mexico."

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