Jul 30, 2011

Legalization: Scaring the Cartels: Reformists Say Legalize Marijuana

Time Magazine looks at the arguments for and against leglization of marijuana.

Scaring the Cartels: Reformists Say Legalize Marijuana - TIME: "These fires (soldiers burning captured marijuana) add heat to the simmering debate about marijuana laws raging north of the border. In November — just after the Tijuana bust — Proposition 19, an initiative to legalize marijuana, narrowly missed being approved in California. This month, as the 300-acre farm burned in Baja, petitioners were collecting signatures for a similar referendum to legalize marijuana in Colorado. In both cases, campaigners have cited the Mexican conflict as a reason to change U.S. drug laws. American ganja smokers are giving billions of dollars to psychotic Mexican drug cartels, they argue, and legalization is the only way to stop the war. It is a compelling argument. But is it true?"

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