Jul 5, 2011

Mexican Politics: Mexico's Old Ruling Party Scores a Youthful Resurrection

Mexico's Old Ruling Party Scores a Youthful Resurrection - TIME: "The PRI ... successfully staged a makeover with the victory of the youthful  Eruviel Avila, 41, whose telegenic clean-shaven appearance won younger voters when set against  Alejandro Encinas (leftist PRD) and Luis Felipe Bravo (conservative PAN), both bearded and in their late 50s.

Avila succeeds the man who is now the most promising presidential candidate: outgoing governor Enrique Peña Nieto, 44, who has Hollywood looks and a soap-opera-star wife, Angélica Rivera, to match. Peña Nieto leads opinion polls for the 2012 presidency and received a major boost from Sunday's landslide with the election of his anointed candidate. The youth vote is particularly important for the PRI because the party has long been characterized as a dinosaur from an antiquated authoritarian era. But polls from Mexico State showed that its support among first-time voters was even higher than among voters overall."

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