Aug 24, 2011

Drug Cartels: Oil and Gas Theft in Mexico Soars Past 2010 Levels

InSight Crime: "Mexico's state oil monopoly Pemex counted 32 illegal taps on their liquefied gas pipelines so far this year, equivalent to 64,000 barrels.

According to the subdirector of Pemex's pipeline operations, in comparison 2010 registered 57 incidents of LP gas theft, reports La Jornada. So far in 2010, the company's director says they have detected a total of 730 taps on all their energy pipelines, including gas LP, natural gas, gasoline and petroleum, amounting to 3.5 billion pesos (about $281 million) in losses. That figure could easily top $490 million in losses by the end fo 2011, Pemex said."

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