Aug 30, 2011

Immigration Realities: Braving 'trains of death'

Stories of migrants from Central America who have been deported but who are traveling again through Mexico to try to return to the U.S.

Sacramento Bee: "Unlike many of the migrants who pass through Mexico on the way to the United States, Adolfo Herrera isn't hoping for a new life. He's returning to an old one. He's going home. Herrera speaks street-worthy English, is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and has spent 25 of his 28 years in Texas. He was deported a year ago to his country of birth, Colombia, but felt like a foreigner.

"I don't got family in Colombia. I don't know nobody. I don't want to live there," Herrera said, speaking in a migrant shelter near the border with Guatemala. "I'm going back to the United States. No doubt, buddy," he said, listing the numerous relatives – from grandmother to brothers – who live near his home in Lewisville, north of Dallas."

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