Aug 8, 2011

Immigration Reality: Mexico’s ‘Train of Death’

Mexico’s ‘Train of Death’ · Global Voices: "There is arguably no single, obvious point of departure for a chronicle of the alarming and escalating violence against undocumented migrants in Mexico. But a survey of citizen media provides fragments that, taken together, constitute a grim series of intersecting narratives. ...

Pedro Ultreras' La Bestia (The Beast), first released in 2010, chronicles the filmmaker's journey atop the freight cars with the migrants, capturing for the cultural archive one perilous journey among countless others made every day by destitute and desperate migrants seeking paid work and a better life for themselves and their families. It affords visual testimony of events that continue to go unreported, or underreported, in mainstream media.

The director has posted trailers for the film on YouTube, both in Spanish, one with English subtitles."

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