Aug 8, 2011

Immigration Reality: What Changes in Mexico Mean for U.S. Immigration Policy

From the Center for American Progress, an analysis of changes in Mexican demographics and their impact on reducing migration to the U.S. While the article provides correct data on the falling birth rate and consequent aging of the Mexican population, its statement that poverty has declined to "less than 20%" is contradicted by recent data that, during the recent global recession, it increased to 46%.

What Changes in Mexico Mean for U.S. Immigration Policy: "A combination of an aging population and economic growth means there will be fewer Mexicans in a position to migrate to the United States and more job opportunities within Mexico itself. Even though out-of-touch nativists continue to shout inflamed rhetoric warning of the threat of millions of Mexicans waiting to cross the border to lay waste to the American Dream, the reality is that the supply of people looking to leave Mexico is not limitless. All evidence suggests that Mexico’s demographic and economic shifts will only increase in the future, further decreasing the pressures to emigrate.

Here we take a closer look at the changes within Mexico and offer recommendations for adjusting to a future with far fewer Mexican immigrants seeking to enter the country."

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