Aug 30, 2011

Mexico Drug War: Narco-Epiphany: Is Calderón Suggesting the U.S. Legalize Drugs? - Global Spin -

Tim Padgett, a Time magazine columnist, speculates on the meaning of President Calderon's comment that the U.S. "should seek market alternatives" to drug prohibition, which provides "the criminals' stratospheric profits." "As Calderón often does during the lowest moments of the drug war ... he railed on Friday at the U.S. for its “insatiable” drug consumption and its refusal to ban the sale of assault weapons that too often get smuggled south of the border. But it was this part of his speech, which suggests Washington should pursue “market alternatives” in order to diminish the drug cartels' $30 billion annual revenues, that has sparked speculation:

"If [the Americans] are determined and resigned to consume drugs, then they should seek market alternatives in order to cancel the criminals' stratospheric profits, or establish clear points of access [to drugs]. But this situation can't go on." The big question is whether “market alternatives” was Calderón code for drug legalization, "

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